Myriad International
Agricultural Consulting
About Us

Myriad International Pty Ltd has over twenty years experience providing consulting services to the agricultural industry in Australia and internationally. 

Our services include:

  • Agronomy (broadacre, pasture, sugar, horticulture)
  • Protected cropping and hydroponic consultancy
  • Plant nutrition including consultancy, training, product and software development
  • General consultancy including legal and insurance due diligence for the agricultural industry
  • Decision support system software development
  • Corporate farm management and staff training
  • Product marketing including the development and implementation of marketing plans

As the world seeks to feed its ever growing population, the pressure is on to find more cost effective ways to produce quality agricultural products. With the right knowledge vast improvements in productivity can be achieved. Myriad International has a wealth of experience that can help participants in the agricultural industry, from growers to suppliers, dealers and researchers.

Andrew Olley, B.Agr.Sc, MAIAST, CPAg, Fertcare C Advisor
Director and Consultant

Andrew graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in plant nutrition and protected cropping.

Andrew has been consulting for 20 years across all areas of agronomy both in the field and in protected cropping situations. His experience in conventional cropping agronomy includes cereal, cotton, pastures, grapes, turf, vegetables and fruit crops within Australia and overseas, in all aspects of production and management.

He is experienced in hydroponic plant nutrition and growing systems from basic outdoor NFT systems to the latest Dutch glasshouse systems with complete climatic control. For seven years Andrew operated Sunshine Greenhouses, a 5,000 square metre research facility, while also consulting, producing hydroponic greenhouse lebanese cucumbers, truss tomatoes and peppers.

Andrew has worked in South Africa, the Middle East, Holland and Mexico providing specialist consultancy in person and has consulted to clients in another twenty countries.

He has also worked in various agronomy consulting roles including for a soil testing laboratory and as the National Agronomy Manager for a major fertiliser company, sourcing product worldwide.

Tracey Perez, BA Honours Economics
Marketing Consultant

Tracey has an Honours degree in Economics from Macquarie University in Sydney. Her marketing and product management career spans more than 20 years.

She was a group product manager at Telstra for seven years and the marketing manager at the Sydney Futures Exchange. More recently she was the marketing manager at Impact Fertilisers.
 Her experience includes developing and implementing marketing plans and business cases for a range of products and services. Tracey is also a skilled market researcher.