Myriad International
Agricultural Consulting
General Consultancy

Myriad International provides specialist consultancy services to all levels of farming both within Australia and overseas. Clients range from individual farmers, corporate entities, government agencies, consultancy firms, agribusiness companies, suppliers, manufacturers and legal/insurance firms.

All areas of agriculture are serviced including pasture, broad acre, horticulture, sugar and hi-tech greenhouse hydroponic installations.

Key consultancy areas include:

  • Plant nutrition
  • Irrigation management
  • Crop protection and integrated pest management
  • Farm development/acquisitions
  • Protected cropping/hydroponics
  • Total farm management
  • Sourcing materials
  • Project management and budgeting
  • Sourcing and training key staff
  • Trouble shooting production issues
  • Project work is a speciality, supplying individual components of larger corporate programs though to complete project implementation and management.
  • Training of staff and personal is provided in areas of need where expertise is lacking.
  • Product development is undertaken for a variety of suppliers to bring new products to commercial reality.
  • Legal and Insurance work can be provided including expert witness reports and investigations.
  • Software development specifically related to agricultural needs can be developed and customised to suit the client.