Myriad International
Agricultural Consulting
Plant Nutrition

Myriad International is a leading plant nutrition consultancy company within Australia and overseas supplying services to individual farmers and growers, corporate farms, agribusiness, consultancy companies, fertiliser companies and government agencies.

Andrew Olley, the Director of Myriad International, has 20 years experience in plant nutrition across all crop types and was the first in Australia to achieve Fertcare C Individual Advisor status. Over 15,000 soil, plant and nutrient samples have been analysed with complete nutrition programs supplied, utilising independent testing labs.

Plant nutrition services include:

  • Soil, leaf, sap, fruit and water analysis through independent specialist laboratories
  • Interpretation of results
  • Complete plant nutrition programs based on granular, soluble, liquid and foliar products
  • Specialist fertigation programs
  • Hydroponic nutrient formulation and monitoring
  • Design and implementation of nutrient delivery systems, for example, fertigation and hydroponics
  • Troubleshooting existing nutritional problems with specialist correction programs are provided
  • Fertiliser budgets and sourcing product for corporate farming
  • Product development and custom blends for fertiliser companies and agribusiness
  • Staff and company training programs in plant nutrition at all levels of expertise
  • Development and supply software programs for interpretation, budgeting, fertiliser schedules and custom blend formulation
  • Specialist legal and insurance work
  • Liquid fertiliser manufacturing