Myriad International
Agricultural Consulting
Recent Projects

  • Olive corporate farm agronomic management, Queensland and New South Wales
  • Supply, project management and commissioning of 2.5 hectares of greenhouse tomatoes, Queensland
  • Pest management soybeans, New South Wales
  • Greenhouse management NSW DPI, New South Wales
  • Avocado agronomic management, Queensland and New South Wales
  • Product development fertiliser, Victoria
  • Product development foliar fertiliser, Queensland and New South Wales 
  • New greenhouse technology development, South Australia
  • Tomato production training, Turkey
  • Agribusiness soil test interpretations, Australia and Worldwide
  • Greenhouse training seminars, South Africa
  • Substrate consultancy and training, Mexico
  • Mango consultancy, Queensland and Northern Territory
  • Equipment supply, Maldives
  • Expert witness foliar fertiliser legal case, Queensland
  • Insurance assessment avocadoes and mangoes, Queensland
  • Technical support coir growing media, Worldwide
  • Software development fertiliser company, Victoria
  • Training broad acre nutrition consultants, New South Wales and Queensland
  • Soil moisture equipment installation, Queensland
  • Total Farm management cucumbers, Queensland
  • Land assessment agricultural production, Queensland
  • Qld Government Reef Legislation Technical Task Group panel, Queensland
  • NSW Government National Greenhouse Centre consultancy, New South Wales
  • Greenhouse consultancy, California
  • Hi tech fodder production systems, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria