Myriad International
Agricultural Consulting
Protected Cropping

Myriad International provides consultancy services to commercial growers in all aspects of greenhouse production in a wide range of crops:

    Lebanese Cucumber    Continental Cucumber    Gourmet Tomatoes
    Cherry Tomatoes    Peppers    Strawberries
    Egg Fruit    Head Lettuce    Fancy Lettuce
    Herbs    Carnation    Stem Roses
    Spray Roses    Gerbera    Potted Colour
    Ornamentals    Livestock Fodder  


  • Complete design and specification of growing environment and hydroponic systems.
  • Independent auditing of proposed designs for greenhouse/glasshouse and irrigation systems.
  • Design of heating and cooling systems.
  • Transfer of overseas technology to suit local growing conditions.
  • Specific design capabilities for individual chosen sites for greenhouse development.
  • Supply of equipment through to full turnkey operations.

Plant Nutrition

  • Formulation of Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions for specific crops and environments.
  • Monitoring nutrient status (feed water, run-off water, dried leaf, sap analysis) through laboratory and new onsite technologies.
  • Trouble shooting nutrient problems and developing/monitoring correction strategies.
  • Altering nutrient solutions due to climatic conditions.
  • Media selection and analysis.
  • Water suitability, nutrient solubility investigations.


  • Water balance models.
  • Timing/rates of application.
  • Water quality.
  • System design, testing and maintenance.
  • Nutrient delivery systems utilising the latest in computer control systems.

System Management

  • Environment and staff hygienne.
  • Run to waste, NFT, organic and inorganic medias.
  • Media hygiene.
  • Water treatment.
  • Specialist in coir production systems.


  • Optimising greenhouse environment for growth stages.
  • Influencing pest/disease pressure through climate modification.
  • Interpretation and management computer automation systems.
  • Optimising heating and cooling systems (eg hot water/air heaters, foggers).

Pest and Disease Management

  • Monitoring pest and disease levels.
  • Management programs.
  • Supply and monitoring beneficial insects (mites, insects, nematodes).
  • Chemical selection and application management.

Crop Management

  • Pruning and training systems.
  • Crop loading.
  • Plant density, light interception.
  • Varietal selection and trials.
  • Staff training in crop management.

Quality Assurance

  • HACCP facilitator
  • Development and implementation of Quality Assurance Systems.


  • Confidential private research projects.
  • Access to subsidy programs.
  • New crop/variety evaluation.
  • New production method evaluations.
  • Development of commercial systems for local conditions.